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Save Money and Earn Money

Sound like a fiction, way too good to be true? Well there is a savings membership available that offers just that. Using this membership, when you purchase an item, any item, the retailer will send you a check for up to 30% of the item’s cost, just for electing to purchase from them. This savings membership allows members to earn money back, in the form of a check to you, on the items purchased.

The membership value comes from the company’s large volume of members which enables it to negotiate these savings from major retailers based on the group’s (members) high-volume buying power. And again, the commissions, which can be as high as 30%, are paid in the form of a check payable to you.

And, this membership works with most of your favorite retailers, retailers that you are probably already doing business with. For example, do your shop at Walmart? If you go to Walmart 5 times during the month, you will get paid 5 commissions. How about Kmart, same thing. Sears? Target? Home Depot, Dollar General Store, Best Buy, Dick Blick Arts Materials,, Gardeners’ Supply, JC Penney, Macy’s, Old Navy, Staples, and Bass Pro Shop? Each of these retailers will send you a check just for buying from them through this saving money membership.

And those retailers I just mentioned are certainly not all. I could go on and on, like, how about Dillards, or ACE Hardware, 1-800 Pet Meds, or Advance Auto Parts, and Barnes and Noble, or Famous Footwear, or how about Go To Meeting or Disney Store. As you can see there are many top rated retailers to choose from with this membership, in fact there are over 300 participating retailers that will send you a commission just for buying their products. And from just this list I’ve given you, you can see that you can buy just about any item with this membership. From Q-tips to cars, this membership has it.

Now, saving money is great, but with this membership, you can also earn an additional income (if you want) just by sharing these savings benefits with others.

Unlike companies that are product-based and have costs for producing, manufacturing and shipping, this product, a savings membership, doesn’t have those direct costs which means an unusually high compensation payout to its members. This is just another advantage this membership has over it’s rivals in the industry.

By taking advantage of this savings membership, you can not only take advantage of these SAVINGS, but you can also EARN money by simply sharing the many benefits of membership with others.

So to recap, an important new way to saving money is to start receiving a pay check just for purchasing the items you are going to purchase anyway, from the same retailers you have always purchased from. And, if you could use some additional income, for example, to help with the mortgage, the auto loan, retirement, travel, or just to maintain your current standard of living, this membership is the opportunity for you to earn what can be a substantial income for you and your family.